Since its inception in 1946, Gülsan’s services have been characterized by innovation and sustainability throughout its pursuits both across Turkey and overseas. Specializing in civil projects, the Group’s highly-skilled workforce, robust economic structure and distinguished machinery pool has executed the construction of roads, bridges, viaducts, highways and the production of ready mix and precast concrete beams. Over the course of the past decades, services have expanded to include construction of residential projects, business complexes, five star hotels, industrial plants, decapping works, and highway projects.

The past decades have witnessed tremendous milestones and breakthroughs for Gülsan. In 1979 Malatya State Prison was constructed as the first project executed countrywide. Succeeding this were the developments of the 1986 Haydarpasa-Izmit Motorway & Interchanges Rehabilitation and the 1996 Haydarpasa-Izmit Motorway Construction Projects. These were the first large-scale motorway construction projects that Gülsan undertook.

In 2000, Gülsan ventured into foreign markets, from Ukraine and Serbia to Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia. More than a dozen projects have been successfully completed in many foreign countries, with some even funded by EBRD, USAID, the World Bank, Louis Berger INC., and local authorities such as Ukravtador and the Kenyan Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport.

In 2006, Gulsan began successful attempts to venture into new sectors as a means of expanding its clientele and diversifying its production. These sectors include renewable energy, aerated concrete production and mining. With 5 energy plants of 200 MW installed power, Gülsan’s middle term energy production target is estimated to be about 1.5 billion kWh.

Gülsan embraces professional quality awareness, having been certified with Integrated Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001 and Safety OHSAS 18001 Management Systems. Gülsan has remained deeply value-driven across all levels of its organization. Gülsan is dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage and is conscientious about its duty to provide services within a socially responsible framework.

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