Gülsan Education and Culture Foundation strives to provide scholarships to successful students in need. It also supports particular events to foster cultural development and protect cultural heritage. The Foundation has also expressed its commitment to quality higher education by providing grants towards research, publications and competitions. In addition, the Foundation organizes and sponsors both national and international conferences.

Gülsan further attempts to protect and uphold our cultural heritage. One past example is the restoration of a mansion in Harput, Elazig. “Sefik Gül Community Center” opened its doors in 2005, labeled as a “Museum House”

Moreover, the Foundation recently published its first research study titled: “The City of Harput at Dawn Sleep” in April 2013.

Preparations for new research studies are also underway.

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Scholarship of Gulsan Education and Culture Foundation

Sefik Gul Community Center Of Culture

The Book "Harput City in Dawn Sleep" (in Turkish)

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