At Gülsan, we aim to create value for both the business world and the society together. Our performance is judged on the extent to which our projects integrate into their local communities and contribute to their development. Gülsan aspires to be an active contributor in communities where we operate. We want to maintain an open and continuous dialogue with NGO's.

The Book "Harput City in Dawn Sleep" (in Turkish)

Contribution to Diyabetle Yaşam Derneği, Turkey

Commitment to Cultural Heritage; Sefik Gul Community Center Of Culture

Forum Istanbul Marching Towards 2023, Centennial Conferences Sponsorships

Contributions to UCTEA, Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers

Classical Turkish Music Concert and Whirling Dervish Ceremony Premiere Sponsorships, Ukraine

Contribution to the Emin Ongan Uskudar Turkish Classical Music School, Istanbul

Contribution to ITU Open Air Sculpture Studio 18 May 2007

Contribution to Beykoz Municipality, Education, Culture and Social Solidarity Works

Contribution to UKKSA/Knidos International Culture & Art Academy

Contribution to Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mines “Mr Savas Cekirge Education of Classical Guitar Unit”

Contribution to Elazig Municipality Almshouse 06 November 2007

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